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It'll blow people's minds when Data gets drunk, because he's normally not drunk! In that one previous episode! Quite why anyone felt that the best way to ease us into our second adventure with the new Trek cast was to throw in an episode where everyone acts vastly out of character, I'll never quite understand, but perhaps there's value in understanding the characters' various neuroses early on.

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C is the man answered in that time I think it's going to be on a day were just Germany a man in history thinking

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Vulcan genitalia particularly male has been a subject of great fannish interest for many decades. In the zine Grup 1, there were articles and diagrams by fans that attempted to inform the curious about both male and female "private parts. Vulcan female genitalia, a rare topic, from Grup 1

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Sign in. The acclaimed actor discusses working with Keanu Reeves in John Wick and how he says the name of detective " Bosch. Watch now.

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Star Trek has cultivated a reputation as the optimistic, intellectual science fiction franchise over its 52 years. Starfleet is ostensibly a military organization, but its main aim is exploration, discovering new life and new civilizations to better understand the universe and the people in it. Forget about the Klingons, the Romulans, even Khan; there is no more terrifying villain in all of Star Trek than the Borg.

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Set in the future, the original Star Trek series showed us a time where the cultural and racial tensions of the present day were long gone. Episodes commented on war, science, even religion. However, one thing the franchise has always struggled with has been the depiction of sexuality.

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Star Trek —called Star Trek: The Original Series to distinguish it from its successors, is a legendary science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry that has thus far spawned five live-action spinoff series, one animated series, twelve feature films six featuring the entire original castand numerous written works both professionally published novels and amateur "fan-fiction". It features "the voyages of the starship Enterprise " and her crew, with Captain James T. Misattributed [ edit ] Beam me up, Scotty.

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Out of context it sounds like a bad joke. Oh that crazy Kirk and his buffalo-thinking ways! But in context, the final two lines of "The Man Trap" form a surprisingly melancholy exchange.

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The Naked Time Stardate: All life systems were off, sir. One man was taking a shower fully clothed.

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There's a long history of female nudity in science fiction and fantasy - everything from naked Moon babes to sexy vamp tramps. So why aren't men stripping down too? Perhaps our history of male nudity in SF will enlighten you. While naked women are used to infuse alien planets with exotic allure, naked men are almost always associated with dystopia.


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