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For most of us, it is because yoga has so profoundly changed our lives that we want to shout about it from the rooftops. But the truth is, yoga does have a dark side. There are some legitimate reasons why someone may want to consider avoiding starting or maintaining a practice.

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Let me start by admitting with some shame — I suck at Yoga. The poses are too hard, the contortions unbelievable, and the instructions hardly decipherable over the protests of my screaming mind. My Yoga classmates make me annoyingly envious of their Yoga prowess.

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In order to accomplish this task changes in your body need to take place. After all, a Man is a Man. But nearly every man can learn

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Like grains of rice filling up a pot, each negative comment followed the next until my head was swimming with them. These were the words I typed out into my phone to my yoga instructor. I was frustrated and I still am. I make it to class about twice a month on average and I do a very short, half-assed practice before bed some nights.

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Well, you don't need to do yoga just to suck your penis, all you need to do is stretch every day and try to suck your penis every day, you will get closer and closer every day. Just lay back and lift your legs up and over your shoulders, it takes practise and not all males can do this. The length of the penis and the size of the stomach can go against it.

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Seeing all of the powerful yoga poses and transitions on Instagram and YouTube can be intimidating for new yoga students. But if I can build physical strength so can you. Yoga is a process of inner discovery.

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Everything else should explain itself. One afternoon, midway through a substitute seva shift, I sat on a stool while baked out of my nuts, idly picking my nose until class got out. A handsome young dude entered.

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A few days ago, after I finished teaching a group class at a gym, one of the last people to leave the room was a woman who had taken my class for the first time. I try to check in with people who are new to my class when I can, just to make sure they feel welcome and that what I'm presenting is making sense. I asked her, "how'd that go for you? But she wasn't joking; she seemed legitimately distressed at her perception that she wasn't good at the postures.

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The first time I stepped foot in a hot yoga studio, it was packed. I took the only spot available, a sliver of space by the front mirror. I was hooked.

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