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Despite the global movement to end all corporal punishment of children, the Philippines still remains among the many countries that do not ban it at home. This is discipline, she often told herself. She called the discipline "love" — the love of a mother who only wants her child to grow up well.

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Physical or corporal punishment by a parent or other legal guardian is any act causing deliberate physical pain or discomfort to a minor child in response to some undesired behavior. It typically takes the form of spanking or slapping the child with an open hand or striking with an implement such as a belt, slipper, canehairbrush or paddleand can also include shaking, pinching, forced ingestion of substances, or forcing children to stay in uncomfortable positions. Social acceptance of corporal punishment is high in countries where it remains lawful, particularly among more traditional groups.

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The bill aims to promote positive and non-violent disciplinary measures to protect children from physical, humiliating or degrading forms of punishment. Acts prohibited by the bill include kicking, beating and slapping as well as non-physical forms of violence such as cursing and embarrassing a child in public. He said the bill would transgress the proper boundaries of state intervention in the life of the family, whose sanctity and autonomy are recognized by the Constitution.

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Republic Act No. Additionally, it is imperative to underscore that the protection of children against acts that harm their physical and psychological integrity is a treaty commitment of the Philippines as State Party to the Convention of the Rights of the Child CRC. Under Article 37 of the Convention, no child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Article 19 of the same Convention also requires State Parties to protect children from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse, while in the care of parent slegal guardian s or any other person who has the care of the child through legislation and similar government measures.

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When one of his grandkids misbehaves, he threatens to spank the boy in public and sees onlookers gasping in horror. I read it a few times to him but stopped for now. Most kids I grew up with were spanked.

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There appears to be a thin line between domestic corporal punishment of children and physical abuse, writes Ria Mae Verdolaga, a medical student at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Corporal punishment involves inflicting pain on a child by a parent or guardian in the home by spanking or slapping, or occasionally with an implement such as belt, slipper, cane or paddle. In our country, our culture still considers it as part of parental responsibility to discipline the child.

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These days spanking is basically used as a general term to refer to any kind of corporal punishment that a parent can deal to a child. This can include striking the child with the use of other objects such as a belt, stick, or wooden paddle or spoon, or even an open-hand slap in the face. This could then lead to aggressive behavior, delinquent acts as an adolescent, and even substance abuse.

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But in recent years, many have debated whether to practice physical discipline, such as spanking or smacking, in their own homes. To spank or not to spank has become a highly contentious issue. Many experts have advised against using physical discipline to teach kids lessons. Others argue that the uproar surrounding spanking has been overblown.

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Podcast: Play in new window Download. Photo credit: Ted Visaya Design. To a kid, hearing that word from their parents elicited fear because it meant you did something wrong and it also meant punishment was coming.

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The relations of education, authoritarian childrearing attitudes, and endorsement of corporal punishment to Filipino parents' reported use of corporal punishment were examined using two waves of data. Structured interviews using self-report questionnaires were conducted with mothers and 98 fathers from families when their children were 8 years old, and when their children were 9 years old. Path analyses showed that, among mothers, higher education predicted lower authoritarian attitudes, which in turn predicted lower reports of corporal punishment use. Among fathers, higher education predicted lower endorsement of corporal punishment, which in turn predicted lower reports of its use.


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